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Access Tow ramp realignment 3

Access Tow ramp realignment 2

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Manganui Snow Report/Webcam

SMC Cam 2 - images taken every 60min; click on image to expand (OFFLINE AT PRESENT)



Egmont National Park Mountain forecast & Manganui 7 Day forecast

For the latest Mountain Forecast from Metservice click this logo

For the Manganui Ski Area 7 day forecast click this logo

5 day snow forecast at mid-mountain (top tow get on is 1400m)

















GFS Medium Range Forecasts of
Sea Level Pressure and 1000-500mb Thickness

Issued: See Image Titles for Initial and Valid Times
Forecasts are issued by the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (model documentation) and are presented as a set of seven panels for each 24 hour interval from 0 (analysis) to 144 hours.

The 540 line is highlighted, since this line is often used as a rule of thumb to indicate the division between rain and snow for low terrain. When there is precipitation where the thickness is below 540dam, it is generally snow. If the thickness is above 540dam, it is usually rain (or sleet if the air next to the surface is below freezing).

METVUW 5 day South West Pacific MSLP and Rainfall
So from the above, when there is precipitation below 540dam, it is generally snow.
Use METVUW maps to ascertain where the precipitation is.

METVUW - Victoria University Weather & Climate website 

Mt.Taranaki Avalanche Forecast

For the latest Avalanche Advisory for Mt. Taranaki (and 7 other NZ backcountry areas)

This 'Backcountry Avalanche Advisory' is provided as a public service by the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council, Inc. It is intended as an advisory only.
Avalanche forecasting is an undertaking which requires extensive study and field observations. Those endeavouring to travel in the Southern Alps and the mountains of the North Island, do so at their own risk. We recommend travellers be well informed about current weather, snowpack and avalanche hazards.
Use this as one of your tools for assessing what the snowpack and weather conditions may be up at Manganui Ski Area and its lift accessed backcountry areas, the Gorge track, and Mt. Taranaki in general.
NOTE that this advisory is for the whole of Mt. Taranaki; not just the ski area and its access.


MSC's Backcountry Avalanche Advisory website

This site by Bill Atkinson includes New Zealand's best mountain weather page, including
Maps / Text / Satellites / WindWater / South Polar / Satellite Loops / Radar / Research 

snow.co.nz website

Detailed Snow Report and Webcam
 Report: 2015-May-04, 12:27 PM
 Field:   Opening At  
 Road:   Open  
 Base: 0 - 0 cm
 New Snow: 15cm, 2015-Apr-14
 More:    Click here!
 Live temp 1400m: 1.7 degC
Kiwi Outdoors Centre, 18 Ariki St, New Plymouth, ph 7584152. Your place for Ski Hire in Taranaki.

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