SMC Club Membership


Members of SMC buy into the 75 years of fun on the Manganui Ski Area.
The book that comes with your joining (while available) details the heroics of founding members who pioneered the establishment of skiing/riding in Taranaki.

SMC Membership entitles you to the following

  • Access to members rates and season pass deals
  • Access to and use of the SMC Manganui Lodge at the ski area
  • Manganui Lodge accommodation at discounted rates, winter and summer!
  • Overnight or seasonal storage of skiing/riding equipment
  • Use of drying facilities at the Manganui Lodge during any ski day
  • Regular e-newsletters and updates from the club, by way of email, or by checking on this website
  • Club Ski/board races & social events
  • The endless fun/barbeques/beers & friendships gained at working bees!
  • The satisfaction of contributing and ensuring that Snowsports in Taranaki are alive and well!

SMC Membership Rates (unchanged from 2013)

There is no joining fee for SMC, just annual subs. Seasons passes are optional but represent outstanding value for money, especially if purchased at the ‘discounted’ rate. All season passes are due by 31 May.

SMC is again imposing a $20 levy to family/couple/senior memberships on this years seasons' subs, to help cover our insurance premiums, which have increased exponentially over the last few years; a result of, amongst other cost increases, the Whakapapa Knoll Ridge Cafe arson/fire of Feb 2009, the Christchurch Earthquakes of 2010/2011, and the Tongariro Eruptions of 2012.

Note :

  • a working bee qualifier is now applied to 'discounted' season passes. Working bees are required to be completed by 31 May to qualify for the 'discounted' season pass rate, otherwise full price season pass rate applies.

  • 1 member working bee still qualifies for 1 free nights accommodation at SMC Lodge, or 1 free days skiing, whichever you chose.

FAMILY Currently $0 $159 +$20 levy
COUPLE Currently $0 $130 +$20 levy
SENIOR Currently $0 $87 +$10 levy
STUDENT Currently $0 $50 +$10 levy
JUNIOR Currently $0 $33 +$10 levy


 before 31 May working bee qualifier*
 before 31 May, no working bees attended
FAMILY $100, *2 $200
COUPLE $95, *2 $190
SENIOR $60, *1 $120
STUDENT $50, *1 $100
JUNIOR $39 $78

*1 qualifier = 1 full working bees
*2 qualifier = 2 full working bees

Associate    $17

SMC Membership Application form: download the nomination form

Currently you need to be nominated by an existing club member (under review). If you wish to become a member and do not currently know an existing member that can nominate you, please contact us.Your SMC membership card is required to be worn when accessing the SMC Lodge, and also to be presented when purchasing members rates lift passes.

Membership Subscriptions enquiries

please reference your invoice number with payment

SMC Bank Account for on-line banking payment

TSB BANK 15-39-57-0555938-02

please reference your invoice number with payment or First & Last Name, along with ID card number (if for a family, please put head of the family)

SMC New Members Introduction Pack

Click here to download the New Members Intro Pack

Season Passes

Season Pass holders still need to get a lift pass on T-bar operational days from the canteen. The canteen staff will have a list of season pass holders, so please have your club ID/swipe card as proof of identification. 


Lockers are now free, you will need to have your name clearly identified on the front of your locker and a new date written on it each year when you pay your subs.

Lockers without a LOCK will be assumed free to use

SMC Lodge Swipe Cards

As a member of the Stratford Mountain Club (SMC), your new (introduced in 2016) ID Card incorporates your Membership and Season Pass status; it also features your access to the SMC facilities. The facilities will be locked 24/7 (even during operations), therefore you will need your ID Card on you when at the ski area.

Further clarification can be made to the request will be processed at the committee’s discretion.

For more details, refer to the SMC Swipecard Policy